Elegant Tablecloth Leather E-Wristlets

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All orders can be done with paypal, credit card or over the phone.

All leather coin purses are priced at $21.99.

Shipping is free! Thank you.

E360 Owl Wrislet

Choose Color

E505 Owl Wrislet

Choose Color

E231 Owl Wrislet

Choose Color

E361 Bulldog Wristlet

E375 Dog w/ Bone Wrislet

E516 Terrier w/ Bone Wristlet

E104 Sitting Cat Wristlet

Choose Color

E501 Cat w/ Mouse Wristlet

E502-1 Cat w/ Fish Wristlet

Choose Color

E394 Frog Wristlet

E504 Frog Wrislet

E359 Frog Wristlet

E353-1 Turtle Wristlet

Choose Color

E114 Baby Elephant Wrislet

Choose Color

E605 Boot Wristlet

Choose Color

E103 Cow Wristlet

Choose Color

E517 Horse Wristlet





E377 Pig Wristlet





704-1 Butterfly Wristlet

702 Butterfly Wrislet

703 Butterfly Wristlet

704 Dragonfly Wristlet

E528 Caterpillar Wrislet

E527 Ciccada Wristlet

E526 Ladybug Wristlet

E529 Praying Mantis Wrislet

E530 Spider Wristlet



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