Elegant Tablecloth Mantel Covers

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All orders can be done with paypal, credit card or over the phone. All Mantel Covers are $21.98 and shipping is free! ( 7 - 10 business days ) Thank you.

Washing instructions: Preferred hand wash with Woolite or machine wash in a garment bag on gentle cycle. Lay flat or hang to dry. Starch and iron on back of doily or tablecloth if stiffness is preferred after drying.

All Mantel or Piano Covers come in 12" X 65" size.

P8139G Green Lace

P353R Red Poinsetta

P7273 PS Butterfly Orange

P7418E Sunflower

P7538RS Victoria Rose Pink

P7696 Red Grape

P7795 Red Poinsetta Cream Cloth

P7854E Multi Color Butterfly

P8139 / F1 White Lace

P8139 / F2 Gold Lace


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