Elegant Tablecloth Back Supports

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All Back Supports are priced at $37.45 each or two for $53.50 (includes sales tax).

Shipping is free! Thank you.

Strengthens Back Muscles - Prevents and Relieves Back Pain
- Optimises Oxygen and Blood Circulation - Helps in Staying Alert and Active
- Maintains Proper Posture - Supports the Back and Relaxs the Entire Body

Great for Homes, Offices, Cars, Trucks and RV's


    Improved new features:


    - 5.2 mm steel frame up from 4.2 mm


    - Adjustable tension straps


    - Wider frame width for more support

back support

7607-1 Black

Choose amount:

back saver

7607-2 Brown

Choose amount:


7610-1 Biege Butterfly

Choose amount:

office chair support

7610-2 Grey Butterfly

Choose amount:

strengthen back muscles

7611 Orchid

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7677 Grey Snowflake

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